Extramarital Affairs Websites - 10 Cheating Dating Sites for Married People

Over the last few years, more and more people have been turning to extramarital affairs websites to find partners while they are married. Websites such as the ones you will find on this list are extremely popular because they offer a secure way for those who are cheating to communicate.

Privacy and secrecy are two keywords when it comes to having an affair on cheating dating sites. Some of the dating sites for married people you see on this list have millions of users. While not all of the websites limit to just those in a relationship, they do make sure that fake users are not on the website. This includes making sure that jealous spouses don't have accounts to go and find you.

At the same the websites have profiles that are designed to not give away too much information about users to maximize their privacy. So don't worry, enjoy yourself.

On today's list you can find 10 cheating dating sites for married people on the web. For the most up to date information, please refer to the actual site.

#1 AshleyMadison


Out of all of the dating websites that you will find on this page, AshleyMadison has the most unique name. AshleyMadison welcomes users of all kinds despite having a unique name. Singles, husbands, wives, girlfriends, and boyfriends are all welcome to join the website. Building a diverse list of users is important to AshleyMadison because it helps to attract new users and keep current users interested.

On this site, no matter what kind of user you are, privacy is a key part of the website. Unlike many other dating websites, you don't have to log in with a social media account. Websites that aren't intended for cheating use social media to verify users but when cheating, you don't want to have social media attached to your account.

When setting up your profile you have complete control of what other users see, including the ability to blur out your face, part of your face, or mask your face. Photos can be set up to only be view-able by members you have marked as catching your eye.

- Chance of finding an affair - *9.5/10

- Editor's Choice: #1 Affair dating site - It has the largest member base in the industry, you may meet your friend's wife on this site.

- A well known adultery site.

- Log in without social media account.

#2 AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is one of the most popular cheating websites for people who are looking for sexual encounters rather than a serious relationship. There are over 85 million users and you can find just about anything that you want on the website. It is the most well-established and trustworthy website you can find online at the present time.

People who use this extramarital affair website enjoy the fact that they can find people for specific sexual acts such as threesomes, BDSM, cheating wife, and just about any other desire. What a good number of users also like is the ability to view users pictures, videos, and stats on their profile. Not many dating websites have profile videos. This can make for a much more hot and sensual experience.

If you desire a website that has a large user base, is constantly updating its system, and willing to listen to users, than AdultFriendFinder is for you. What you want to keep in mind is that it is not specifically a cheating website. That means you want to be a little more covert when creating your profile.

- Chance of finding an affair - *9.0/10

- Live member webcams - Make sure the people you met online is real.

- You can login without FaceBook

- Search by ethnicity, age, body type, distance...

#3 NoStringsAttached


NoStringsAttached is another great website for those looking to cheat. It all starts with the name, No Strings Attached, implied that it is a dating site for people who aren't looking for serious relationship. NSA was also the name of the Craigslist discreet dating section before it closed.

One of the great things about NoStringsAttached is that they are very focused on privacy. In fact, the first thing that is discussed on the how it works page is privacy.

Privacy is built into the system from anonymous profiles to private, secure email correspondence. If you want to make a phone call to another user, the website manages the call in order to conceal phone numbers and hide who you are talking to.

For over 14 years NoStringsAttached has been operating their website and in each year they have had an increasing user base. More than 3 million users are considered active at one time. Husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and more all make up the users.

- Chance of finding an affair - *8.8/10

- The best website for no strings attached and discreet relationship.

- You can create an anonymous profile.

- Detailed matching system.

#4 VictoriaMilan


Visiting the VictoriaMilan website you immediately see that the website is meant for discretion. Masks and face blurring are a popular feature of the website. On the homepage they claim to be the world's number one site for extramarital affairs. With a user base of over 5 million users, that claim is close to true, but every website has its own attractive features.

One feature of VictoriaMilan that attracts users is the ability to see users who are online and near you. That allows you to find an affair that is close by. You can also use the website like any other standard dating site. It is built from the ground up to give users options.

The profile options are very specific. You can list exactly what you are looking for, down to a specific diet. Want a vegetarian? You can find one. Love red meat? Not a problem either. With the advanced search tool you can filter your results down to the specific person that is right for you.

Security for the VictoriaMilan website is taken very seriously, with 256 bit SSL security installed on the servers.

Joining anonymously is free on the Victoria Milan website. You won't have to show any identifying information on your profile if you don't want to.

- Chance of finding an affair - *7.7/10

#5 Meet2Cheat


The name Meet2Cheat is pretty straightforward. When you visit the site you know exactly what you are getting. At the same time, if your significant other catches you on the site (or sees it in your browser history) it is going to be pretty hard to explain away. With the straightforwardness you can find the perfect partners.

A registration on the Meet2Cheat website is not binding, that means that you can terminate your account at any time. Someone getting suspicious? Found the perfect partner? No matter the reason, just close your account.

You will get a list of potential affair partners when you sign up. The website attempts to find matches for you and narrows them down instead of providing the traditional atmosphere. Browse through these to find ones that you like.

All communications until you are ready to move forward are done through the Meet2Cheat website. You can also host specific photos to only users that you grant access to. All of the messages are sent anonymously and securely to protect your identity.

You can register for free but then you will have to pay to use all of the features.

- Chance of finding an affair - *7.5/10

#6 MaritalAffair


MaritalAffair is a website that has put great work into creating their site to work for everyone from the experienced cheater to someone who is new to the arena. There is explanations of the whole process on their website. Each one has been simplified down and then you can read an expanded write up on each section. We recommend MaritalAffair for the first time cheater.

You might have seen MaritalAffair on television if you have watched the right channels. More than 80% of people who have used the website reportedly would recommend MaritalAffair to find your next relationship.

On the website you can see a rotating section of testimonials. These align with other ones that you will find around the internet. Not only is it one of the largest, but people in the extramarital affairs world know of the company.

As far as dating sites go MaritalAffair has been around since 2006 and brings with it a lot of power. You can sign up for free but to actually use the majority of features, you will have to pay. If you are a woman you are able to use the website for free.

- Chance of finding an affair - *6.5/10

#7 Gleeden


Want a website that markets itself as a version of Eden? Gleeden is that site. You can tell from the beautiful woman taking a bite of an apple on the front page. It is synonymous with the forbiddenness of an extramarital affair. Gleeden specifically focuses on creating affairs of all kinds, not on any other kind of dating.

On Gleeden the filtering system allows you to find the exact affair you want. Whether you are a looking for a man or a woman, you can set your preferences. You can also set your search to find people close or far. Some people like to travel for their affairs so that they have a smaller chance of getting caught.

The whole platform of Gleeden provides privacy and security to its users to prevent detection. From secure messaging to limited profiles, you know you are getting the best options.

Gleeden has a very sleek and modern looking app for users to browse matches and communicate on. It looks like any other dating service you might know.

Gleeden is completely free for women to use because the idea is that the men are sought after by women on the app. And before anyone calls that sexist, the team at Gleeden is complete female. They work on the site every day to make sure that you get the service you need.

- Chance of finding an affair - *6.0/10

#8 FirstAffair


FirstAffair, despite its name is a website that specializes in more than just finding your first extramarital experience. You can use it again and again as you continue to live your thrilling life of hookups and adventures.

One of the interesting things about the website is that you don't have to find just one partner. You can also find a couple or a partner swap or something erotic. They allow you to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you contact a user you can discuss with them over the live chat exactly what you are looking for to see if you are a match.

Over a million users makes the website populated but not as populated as some of the other options out there. This could make finding a match a little more difficult.

FirstAffair is free to sign up on but you will have to pay eventually to get all of the features that you want.

- Chance of finding an affair - *6.0/10

#9 TheAffairSite


TheAffairSite is another option out there. But one you probably don't want to pursue. After conducting some research into the website we have found that it is likely to be a scam. They did a great job at building the top part of their homepage then, once you start to scroll down you notice a fairly plain layout with just regular text.

Many users have reported getting instant messages right off the bat from a lot of women who are to beautiful to be true or are nude, sometimes both. This is before they even finish setting up their profile. While dating websites do have beautiful women, they should have a variety of women, something to appeal to everyone. If the whole user base looks like models, something is definitely up.

Doubt this? Read the terms and conditions where it says there are fake profiles created and that they send auto messages.

That all being said, you may be able to pick out one or two real users if you spend a long time on the website. Is the time and work worth it? No.

- Chance of finding an affair - *0/10

#10 AffairDating


AffairDating has a pretty typical layout for a dating website. One thing that tells you to be cautious right off the bat though is that there is little to no information on the homepage. You also can't find an about link to learn more about the service. All of the best affair services have an about section so that you can learn about the company and determine if the service is right for you.

Like TheAffairSite above, they create fake profiles and send messages to users before one's profile is even set up. Also like the above company, AffairDating has in their terms and conditions that they have "fake" customer service profiles on the website. They claim these profiles are used to spur conversation and keep the website operating smoothly. In reality it makes it less likely for you to want to stay and even less likely that you will find a match.

- Chance of finding an affair - *0/10