4 Ground Rules for Cheaters

by ExtramaritalAffairsWebsites.com

There are many married people who are planning to have an affair and some already have. The only issue is that they do not want their partner to know because it might ruin the happy life they are living. If you are planning to have an affair, it is important for you to assure that no one else will find out. In order to have a successful affair, there are some rules that you will have to set.

Cheaters Affair

Do Not Make It Official

There are many people who will tell someone that they are having an affair. You should know that telling someone means that the word will get out soon. It is important that you keep the relationship as private as possible. Do not let anyone know that you are having an affair because that is the only way you will be able to enjoy your love life for a long time. the rule goes for both of you. Assure that your partner knows that she is also not allowed to tell anyone that both of you are in a relationship.

Do Not Have a Digital Proof

One of the biggest mistake that most people make is that they create digital proof due to which they get easily caught. Here are some of the rules you need to follow.

1. Do not click any pictures that might create issues for you. Your partner should not be allowed to take pictures as well.

2. Assure that you save the number of your girlfriend with the name that your partner will not suspect. Even if your partner tries to check the phone, they will ignore the messages from your girlfriend.

3. Make sure that if your girlfriend calls you and your wife pick up the call, your girlfriend should wait before talking to assure that you are the one who answered the call. The same rules go for you as well.

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Avoid Meeting in Common Places

If you are planning to meet in a café, you are making the biggest mistake. There are chances that you will easily get caught. It is better that you meet in the places that are not commonly visited by the people you do not know. You should know that it is better to meet at the hotels, spas or in another city because that is the only way you can enjoy your time and assure that no one will know what you are doing.

Avoid Paying From The Credit Cards

There are many individuals who make the mistake of paying with the credit cards. You should know that the bill of your credit cards will come in your mail or email. It is better that you avoid paying with cards because if your wife will check they will surely find out. So, a better option is that you pay with the cash or assure that you do not pay at all. Let your partner know that gifts are not allowed to assure that they will not invest in the gifts as well. You will surely enjoy once you will keep everything private.

Make sure that you have the best time of your life. When you are planning to have an affair let your partner know the rules that you have and assure that you follow all the rules properly because that is the only way you can enjoy the affair that you are having. Make sure that you do not make the mistake of sharing the information with anyone because that is the only way you can make or break the relationship anytime you want.