Challenges And Dangers of Dating A Married Man


Many ladies out there are dating a married man. It is either their colleague, boss or someone they know from the gym. They love to have a few dates dinners and do not forget sex. However, the real issue is that ladies often get seriously involved in such relationships while men are only doing it for fun. There are chances that he is not planning a future with you. If you are going to or already dating a married man, here are some of the reasons you should back out when there is time.

Dating A Married Man

Not a Healthy Relationship

The biggest issue of dating a married man is that it is not a healthy relationship. You will not have peace of mind that he is all yours. In the corner of your hard, you will always feel jealous of his wife and kids because they get to spend more time with him as compared to you. Just the thought of him with his wife under the sheets will boil your blood and it would be hard for you to control the situation.

His Wife And Kids Will Be His Priority

One of the most important things you have to remember that his wife and kids will always come first for him. For a few days, he might make you feel extra special but it is only for the time being.

  • 1. He will never divorce his wife for you because she is more important to him.
  • 2. Even if you are pregnant because of him, chances are that he will ask you to abort the baby.
  • 3. He will never accept you as his partner because he already has one.
  • 4. There are only one in a million men who would leave their family for their partner and chances are yours is not the one.

The Blame Game Can Start At Any Time

It is easy for the humans to blame as compared to taking the shame. It is important that you know losing his respects means everything is finished. Your one single mistake will make him leave you within seconds. Even when he was the reason you got into this relationship because he persuaded you to do so, remember that in the end, it will always be your fault. He will never accept his mistake and you will not only have to take the blame but also the punishment that comes with it.

Hiding Can Be Tiresome

At the beginning of the relationship, you will have fun. Everything will be exciting and you would love to hide things. However, with the passage of time, it will become very irritating and tiresome. You would like to have a status in his life but chances are he will never give you the status that you deserve. It is better that you start thinking straight as soon as possible. The reason is that you are losing on having a real relationship. You deserve to be with someone who would not share you with others.

Even if you are planning to have a life with him and marry him soon, you should know that you will always have a guilt inside your heart. You have broken a women's home for your own selfishness. As well as if he has done this with his wife chances are that he can do it with you as well so, you have to beware of what might happen next. Dating a married man can be very dangerous because the risk of getting caught is high and he can leave you anytime he likes once his desires are fulfilled.