Rules of Finding Extramarital Affairs


Finding an extramarital affair is not necessarily easy, but the world of online dating has certainly made it faster and simpler to find affairs than ever before. In addition to being able to find affair partners on regular dating websites, there are even Extramarital Affairs Websites that make finding a partner as easy as a few clicks!

The most common place to look for an extramarital affair today is on an online dating site. But how do you go about finding an affair on these websites? Especially if they aren't necessarily dedicated to affairs? Let's take a closer look at 5 steadfast rules you will want to live by after you make an account on any dating website.

Affair Rules

Rule #1: Look for an emphasis on ringless photos

If you're looking for a married person interested in having an affair with you--regardless of your own relationship status--then one of the "signals" to look for are an emphasis on photographs that feature close-ups of hands without rings. These are essentially a loud and clear message: I'm married but I don't have my ring on, so I'm looking for someone on the side here.

If you are in a relationship, you may want to add these types of photos of your profile in order to make it easier for people with similar interests to find you.

Note: You may also see close-up photos of people wearing rings, depending on the dating site you're visiting. Some people prefer to loudly advertise their married status as a way of attracting more messages quickly.

Rule #2: Create a pseudonym for yourself

It's always best to take a few precautions when looking for an affair on a dating website, even if your partner doesn't frequent them or you aren't using identifying photographs. One of the simplest precautions you can take is creating a false name to make it impossible for someone to find you by searching your name. Since most people don't have the time to scroll through thousands or millions of profiles, using a fake name is the best way to hide your identity when you're having an affair online.

Many people continue using these pseudonym even when they match up with affair partners, so feel free to pick something that won't sound ridiculous when you introduce yourself at the first meeting!

Rule #3: If you're in a relationship, keep identity-revealing photos private

If you really, really want to make sure that you don't get caught, then you'll need to leave all of your identity-revealing photos private and not on your public or members-only profile page. All it takes is one person who recognizes you and puts two and two together to contact your partner about your presence on the site. The downside to this is that you won't be able to attract people with you face, but if you use one of the "signal" photos for affair partners as a profile pic, you will still get people interested in seeing what you're all about.

If possible, try to verify that anyone who contacts you is legit before you send them any identity-revealing photos through a website's private messaging service, email, or through text messages.

Rule #4: Check out affair websites first

There are some dating websites that are tailor made to people looking for affairs, as well as dating websites which welcome people looking for extramarital affairs with open arms; that is to say, these websites include label and search options that allow you to look for people in relationships or people looking for affairs.

Affair website, whether they're specifically intended for affairs or not, are your sure bet to finding others who are interested in having affairs on the side. And best of all? You won't be judged by the people on the website like you might be at a typical dating website, and you won't have to fish around and ask subtle questions to see if the other person is interested in an affair.

Rule #5: Use a new email

You should never use your regular email, or work email! - to sign up for a dating website when you're intention is to have an affair. It will somehow, someway, come back to you. Always create a new email that you can use specifically for the dating site.