Types of Extramarital Affairs That Lead to Divorce

by ExtramaritalAffairsWebsites.com

Not everyone realises this but there are actually several types of affairs that occur between two people.

Most assume that an affair is simply cheating on a partner, but there are many unique nuances that define an affair. Not all are physical, some are simply a one-off, while others are a symptom of a much deeper issue than simply lust.

Of course, with one third of all affairs leading to divorce, some types of affairs are more likely to cause the end of a marriage. Let's take a closer look at each of them:

The Exit Affair

As the name suggests, this type of affair is commonplace in unhappy relationships, with people using it as an excuse to leave a marriage behind.

There tends to be a lot of tension in the relationship leading up to this type of affair and usually the cheater is no longer in love with their spouse. The thought of leaving their partner is guilt-inducing, leading to an affair that can effectively end the marriage for them.

The Exit Affair is often short and sweet, typically lasting no longer than the time it takes to get over the marriage. It's often started by a major event, such as children leaving home or finishing up a career.

The Romantic Affair

When it comes to affairs likely to end a marriage, there are few quite comparable to the Romantic Affair. As the name implies, this type of affair begins with a strong romantic interest in a third party outside the marriage, often at work.

It usually develops into an incredibly intense affair where the cheater falls in love with the person they are cheating with. This is obviously a huge cause for divorce, as there is nothing to end a marriage quite like falling in love with someone that isn't your spouse.

However, the cause of these types of affairs also plays into the likelihood of divorce. The person seeks a Romantic Affair because there is a lack of love and satisfaction in your own marriage, leading you to seek it with someone outside of the marriage.

The affair provides immense satisfaction, but then bouts of depression when you are not together, leading to falling in love with the person as you are so intensely connected to the person you are cheating with.

The Sexual Addiction Affair

Addictions have ruined countless marriages and led to divorce, and sex addiction is no different, being another common type of affair that ends in divorce. The reason they lead to divorce is the fact that they cannot stop cheating despite their best efforts, causing a huge amount of distrust that is often irreparable.

Another big reason why this type of affair leads to divorce is that the person suffering the addiction is unwilling to get help, or even admit they have a problem. Repeated affairs due to sexual addition are always going to push a marriage to the brink, with usually being a case of one time too many.