5 Warning Signs Your Partner is Cheating on You

by ExtramaritalAffairsWebsites.com

With online dating becoming safer and more popular, it's become a popular way for people to start extramarital affairs. As a spouse or significant others, you'll need to be away of the signs that your partner is cheating on you. Whether it's with someone you know or a stranger online, affairs are hurtful and rock your whole world. Catching it early can help you get your own affairs in order to make sure you're ready to take action.

Here are the biggest warning signs of extramarital affairs.

Warning Signs Cheating

Being Emotionally Absent

What is your partner currently like when it comes to emotions and intimacy? Disengaging from intimate or sexual moments and not opening up emotionally is often a sign that there's a problem in the relationship. The problem is this is something spouses look back on when they realize there's an affair going on. It's important to see it early on.

The lack of emotion and sexual contact can sometimes be a reason for affairs to start. The spouse having the affair doesn't feel connected with their own partner or supported emotionally and sexually. This can lead to them looking elsewhere for this sort of connection.

By realizing it, you can prevent an affair and strengthen your marriage. It's a win-win.

Being Secretive with Their Phone or Computer

Phones, tablets, and computers are used daily. Most spouses won't mind sharing. It could be a simple "can you check that incoming text for me" while driving or the request to quickly answer the phone. If a spouse suddenly changes and starts hiding away their phone or computer, it's a sign that there's a problem.

With the growing use of online dating sites for extramarital affairs, more spouses are concerned about snooping. They'll delete their browser history or use more incognito tabs to ensure you can't track. They can even delete their texts.

Some spouses will go to the extreme and have a phone you don't know about. This is something to look out for if you suspect an affair.

Working Longer Hours or More Trips Away

Because affairs require meeting up in secret, you may find that your spouse has started "working late" or "working away" more often. They need to set up a legitimate excuse, so you don't catch on that they're up to something.

Of course, depending on the job, the working away or late could be legitimate. This is something you'll need to assess with the rest of the signs.

When they are "working away" or "late," they won't be contactable. Some will have their phones completely switched off and others just ignore. You won't get a call at the end of the night, even if the kids want to say goodnight. Their attention is on the partner they're having an affair with.

If work can't become an excuse, a new hobby often does. You may find that your significant other takes up a new hobby or at least pretends to, so they're out of the house more.

Paying More Attention to Appearance

A spouse having an affair will be more concerned with the way they look. For years in the marriage, they will have become comfortable with you. Gaining weight and not caring as much about physical appearances, unless going out together, is common. That's nothing really to be ashamed of either, as it just means you both accept each other for who you are.

When a spouse starts paying more attention to the way they look and dress, it could be a sign of an affair. This isn't just a case of losing weight (as that could be for health reasons). This is about buying new clothes, spending more time pampering on a night, taking more time to do the hair and makeup on a morning.

The affair is like a new relationship. Your spouse wants to look good for someone again.

Becoming Defensive

If you ask your spouse about what they did the night before, most would usually just answer. They'd tell you something that happened in work or something funny one of the guys said while out drinking. When having an affair, the spouse will become irrationally defensive. They don't have an excuse, so they'll claim that you're being nosy or accusing them of something, knowing that you'd be right if you were.

If you do call them out on the affair, they'll turn everything back on you. Rather than admit it, they accuse you of being paranoid.

Could your spouse be having an extramarital affair? Not all spouses will have the same signs, but you'll certainly want to keep an eye on the top five.